Vacuum Motor

D126 Vacuum Motor

Product application: Air filtration system and vacuum cleaner.

Max Pressure
Max Airflow 
D126-2P-1100-24 24 1140 8.0 2000 14.5
D126-2P-700-12 12 710 7.9 1450 14.0


1. Variable speed available and low noise.
2. High efficiency and energy-saving.
3. Long life, low temperature rise, and durability.
4. Environmentally friendly operation and free maintenance.
5. Designed and made in Taiwan.

Motor protection:

1. Reverse polarity: out of action when the positive and negative pole is reversed.

2. Soft start protection: slowly starting and speeding.

3. Overload protection: out of action when current is over 16A, starting afresh while loading lower than 16A.

4. Locked-rotor protection: out of action when the rotor is locked, starting afresh after the block is cleared.

5. DC24V over-voltage & lower voltage protection: 16~32V.

6. DC12V over-voltage & lower voltage protection: 9~14V.

7. Over-temperature protection: out of action when the motor temperature is over 85℃, starting afresh while lower than 80℃. (operating temperature range: -30℃ ~ 50℃.)

8. IP level: IP54